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At Perfect Solutions, there is no shortcut secrets to doing well in math. We believe it all boils down to three things; Understanding, practice and practice.

We provide maths tuition for different levels. We believe that proper guidance for students is one of the most important aspects to classroom or online mathematics tuition.

This means emphasis on quality teaching that does not only provide mathematical skills to students, but also to nurture the students into skilful, competent and confident students of mathematics.

Multiple Methods of Learning

Lesson Formats

Perfect Solutions offers different modes of secondary and JC maths tuition based on the preferences of parents and students. Because of the recent requests for an online tuition format, we now offer maths tuition either as 1-to-1 lessons, group classes, either online or in a classroom and purchasable recorded live lesson tutorials.

Experience online secondary and JC maths tuition via Zoom conferencing with our principal tutor, Mr Jackie Lee, who has 20+ years of experience and has helped thousands of students. He will equip you with all the key concepts and methods to excel and go from a U to an A!

Students' and Parents' Resources

General Information

Perfect Solution is committed to making progress and ventures into new frontiers of Mathematical success by offering additional services such as online teaching, Mathematics competitions and Olympiad training.

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Perfect Solution Education Group, founded by Mr Jackie Lee, specializes in Secondary and JC (H1 & H2) Mathematics tuition. Conveniently located in the heart of Bukit Timah, we offer 1-to-1 tuition, group online and classroom mathematics tuition.

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